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Past Grand Matron

Cherry Pickett

Worthy Grand Matron of Alabama

2010 - 2011

Montevallo Chapter 434, Montevallo, AL

2010-2011 Grand Family

Grand Office

Name (Chapter No.)

Worthy Grand Matron

Cherry Pickett (434)

Worthy Grand Patron

Leon Brown (431)

Associate Grand Matron

Faye Hood (197)

Associate Grand Patron

Dewey Mixon (573)

Grand Secretary

Elaine Springsteen (348)

Grand Treasurer

Annette Aikman (180)

Grand Conductress

Ginger Owen (348)

Associate Grand Conductress

Deborah Clark (412)

Grand Chaplain

Ozella Stewart (412)

Grand Marshal

Albert Pickett (434)

Grand Organist

Ramona Dill (131)

Grand Adah

Margie Womble (573)

Grand Ruth

Myrtle Fox (434)

Grand Esther

Phyllis Brown (431)

Grand Martha

Ann Turner (348)

Grand Electa

Joyce Moore (236)

Grand Warder

Janice Jennings (412)

Grand Sentinel

John Wooten (181)